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Masarat (Travels): Collection

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Directed by | Ghada Terawi

Genre fiction  |  Length: 57mins  |  Year of production: 2009

Masarat (“Travels”) is a collection of four enigmatic shorts about Palestinian women’s lives made by leading Palestinian women filmmakers. The collection was produced by SHASHAT, a Ramallahbased NGO supporting the exhibition and production of global women’s cinema. The collection begins with Ghada Terawi’s Golden Pomegranate Seeds, a fairytale about a girl who remains silent in the face of tremendous oppression wed to a real story of the Palestinian women who speak out. Far from Loneliness, by Sawsan Qaoud, then tells the story of three older women farmers and their taxing predawn journey from the field to the vegetable market. They describe how the earth is their companion and confidant. Mahasen NasserEldin’s Samia documents a feisty and committed 71yearold woman’s struggle to remain in Jerusalem and promote female education. The last film in the collection is Dima Abu Ghoush’s First Love, a tender encounter with the innocent blooming of love detailed through the lives of young women who discuss the role parents play in their personal lives.