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Massaker [2005] | click to view more detailsLike 20 Impossibles [2003]West Beruit [1998]Jenin, Jenin [2004]TBC [tbc]TBC [tbc]The Concrete Curtain [2005]Neither Here Nor There [2004]Private [2004]Out of Place - Out of Time [2004]A Journey [2006]Arus el Jaleel (Bride of Galilee) [2006]Bilin Habibti (Bilin My Love) [2006]Driving to Zigzigland [2006]Palestine Blues [2005]Paradise Now [2006]Flee [2005]The Colour of Olives [2005]They Do Not Exist [1974]West ... East [2006]Chronicle of a Disappearance [2001]Waiting [2005]Be Quiet [2006]Our Kuffiyyah in London [2007]The Iron Wall [2006]The Fourth Room [2005]Ligne Verte [2005]
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An awkward love affair | The Guardian
Palestinian movies are unique a mix of wry wit and self-doubt. Nicholas Blincoe reports on the London Palestine film festival...

Thursday April 17 2008 | read the full article

Review 2007 | The Guardian
Abu Ali's landmark 1974 documentary They Do Not Exist arrives in incomplete form due to "damage incurred in the destruction of Beirut". That's an excuse to put regular filmmaking difficulties into perspective...

Saturday April 21 2007 | read the review

Painful, shocking, unmissable | The Guardian
Many of the films in this week's Palestine Film Festival are not just for anoraks they will touch and entertain a much wider audience...

Monday April 24 2006 | read the full article

We have no film industry because we have no country Palestinian directors have a harder task than most yet their talent shines through... Wednesday April 12 2006,,1752956,00.html,,1459389,00.html