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Directed by | Osama Al Zain

Genre documentary  |  Length: 73mins  |  Year of production: 2005

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon, media reports appeared to show a number of Palestinians celebrating on the streets of Jerusalem. Palestine Post 911 is an examination of the tragic events of 911 from a Palestinian perspective.

Featuring interviews with scholars, experts and journalists in the US and Palestine, Palestine Post 911 investigates the complex relationship, or the lack thereof, between the issue of Palestine and the terrorist attacks. The film explores the setback the Palestinian cause has suffered as a result of Al Qaeda�s actions and political rhetoric on one side and the US and Israeli policies on the other.

Palestine Post 911 reveals how after September 11th, the ZionistChristian Right alliance, very skillfully, immediately moved to capitalize on the tragedy by claiming that: now Americans should understand what Israel had gone through, focusing only on the methods of attack and ignoring the reality of the Israeli occupation.

A reality the viewers will soon face following Stanley Cohen, a Jewish lawyer from Manhattan, on his journey to Palestine. Through his eyes, Palestine Post 911 examines the daily life under occupation, the IsraeliAmerican strategic alliance, and the Israeli governments� use of 911 as a justification for their own violations of humanitarian law in Palestine.