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Channel Al Duwara

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Directed by | Ariel Mioduser

Genre animation  |  Length: 10mins  |  Year of production: 2007

Channel Al Duwara is based on the history of Al Duwara, a Palestinian village depopulated and destroyed in 1948, with the foundation of the state of Israel. On its land stands today�s Kibbutz Amir. Together with the physical village, all its real memories were wiped away from the official history of the Jewish state in their place the myth of a �heroic� fight between Jewish pioneers and a barren, diseased, Arab land has been fabricated. The story of this Al Duwara is similar to hundreds of other villages. This short art work satirises and deconstructs the propagandistic narrative of the colonisers, combining Zionist rhetoric and PR movies from the 1950s with animated �ghosts� of a past denied superimposed on these images of heroism and might.