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Good Morning Jerusalem

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Directed by | Suha Arraf

Genre documentary  |  Length: 52mins  |  Year of production: 2004

Sha�ban Nassar, a young Jerusalemite, juggles daily problems of economic subsistence, family pressures and his aspirations to become a singer. Through Nassar�s personal story, we get a glimpse of his city�s struggle for survival in the face of attempts to erase its Arab identity. Following the death of his father and his mother�s decision to leave the family for a younger man, Nassar becomes the sole provider for his 12 younger siblings. Balancing these duties with his passion for playing music, his job as a taxi driver, and his status as an �internal� refugee in the city, makes his life precarious. On the personal level, Nassar appears as a Shakespearian hero, while on the public level, through his dealings with his surroundings and authorities, Sha�ban is a fighter. Here in occupied Jerusalem, the private and the political are constantly intersecting. Sha�aban�s story is inspiring, and Arraf�s patient filmmaking does justice to this very ordinary hero.