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Naim and Wadeea

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Directed by | Najwa Najjar

Genre documentary  |  Length: 23mins  |  Year of production: 1999

This documentary by director Najwa Najjar (Yasmine�s Song) returns to Yaffa (Jaffa) and to before 1948 by way of a portrait of the filmmaker�s grandparents Wadee�a Aghabi and Naim Azar. Using the oral histories recounted by the three daughters of Naim and Wadee�a to tell the story of Jaffa�s social life, Najjar builds a compelling account of life before the Nakba in a prosperous urban centre. Visually striking, the film�s use of archive photographs and mementos of the city and the couple through which its story is told make it an intimate and captivating journey into the life of one couple, and one city, before the Nakba.

Winner Hamptons International Film Festival, USA (2000)
Winner Movimiento de Documentalistas, Argentina (2002)