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Directed by | Hayden Campbell

Genre documentary  |  Length: 43mins  |  Year of production: 2005

A truly unique look at life in the West Bank through the eyes of Palestine�s one and only zookeeper/veterinarian/taxidermist, Dr Sami Khader. Just 15 kilometres from the outskirts of Tel Aviv and surrounded by Jewish settlements, Qalqiliya is completely fenced off from the rest of the world by Israel�s Wall. Within this urban canton lies Qalqilya Zoo. Like the town itself, the zoo has been hit hard by Israeli army raids when its zebras succumbed to tear gas after a neighbouring high school was attacked during a demonstration, images of the devastated zoo made international television news. This documentary goes beyond those reports and looks for the real story, accompanying the voluble and entertaining Dr Sami on a torturous mission to rescue two baboons from a rundown facility in Nablus. The degree of bureaucracy and checkpoint subterfuge entailed turns an already bizarrely symbolic task into a flabbergasting exercise in absurdity. The Zoo is hilarious, heartbreaking, and infuriating viewing all at once.