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Directed by | Etienne Beurier, Thomas Ellis & Constantin Simon

Genre documentary  |  Length: 52mins  |  Year of production: 2007

Directed by three young French filmmakers, Palestines is an intersecting triptych portrait of the daily lives of three Palestinians in the West Bank. Ahmad, born in the Fara�a refugee camp, paints landscapes on walls personally, he�s never seen a boat, but he thinks the kids at the school he�s painting should have the chance to see his rendering of one, if only to dream. Raed is a traffic policeman in the busy centre of Ramallah after accidentally injuring an elderly pedestrian with his hand gestures, he�s developed a safer, more compact series of rapid dancelike movements to control Palestine�s traffic flow. Nidal, a shopkeeper in Hebron, continues to open his shop even though customers are rare, and the settlers in the city harass him daily. Three Palestinians who take their daily jobs into extraordinary places in the face of challenging situations these warm portraits of ordinary Palestinians invite the viewer into the remarkable day to day of Palestine, 2007.