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To My Father

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Directed by | Abdelsalam Shehadeh

Genre documentary  |  Length: 52mins  |  Year of production: 2008

�Those were the days when girls were prettier, when eyes were in all colours, without any colour! What's different now? The camera, or the eyes?" asks Abdelsalam Shehadeh in this poetic homage to the studio photographers of the 1950's to 70's. Set partly in a refugee camp in Rafah, this is a remarkable look back at fifty years of Palestinian and Arab history, through photographs, reportage and the voices of these photographers today. The portrait image has always been something to cherish, but Shehadeh shows that it has also been turned into a tool of control and object of fear through ID systems, and, of course, into a form of commemorating and remembering the missing and the dead. To My Father is a personal and moving film that confirms the talent of Gazaborn director Shehadeh (Gaza, Another Kind of Tears, Rainbow), who has worked all over the world as a director, cameraman and journalist. A photo here is not just a photo: it brings history to life.