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Take Me Home

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Directed by | Mais Darwazah

Genre documentary  |  Length: 54mins  |  Year of production: 2008

Director�s statement: �The home of the Palestinian today, is no longer defined by geographic borders Take Me Home is a first person pilgrimage tracing the legacy of a family who helped establish revolutionary movements at a time when the Arab world�s faith in the individual�s freedom and autonomy was selfevident.� The sweeping desert steppes of Jordan as it turns into Syria mark the first few moments of �home�. The stirring score of a female vocal against the traditional tabla drum tells us where we are going. This is the journey one JordanianPalestinian woman takes whenever she crosses the border to visit her grandmother and great aunt in Damascus. The magic of her film is in its exploration of the concept of �home�: As Darwazeh makes the journey through the JordanianSyrian border, she is not �going home.� The journey, visually punctuated by black and white family photographs of relatives in Palestine, and by archival prints of Palestinian exiles, soon discloses its truth: that this is no conventional homecoming.