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A Summer Not to Forget

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Directed by | Carole Mansour

Genre documentary  |  Length: 27mins  |  Year of production: 2007

On July 12th 2006, Hezbollah captured 2 Israeli soldiers. For the following 34 days, Lebanon witnessed continuous Israeli bombardment. This documentary takes you beyond the news headlines into the harsh realities of war. It explores the devastation of a nation and a people caught under siege. Through powerful images, this documentary tells the story of yet another war on Lebanon: 1,200 civilians killed and 4,000 injured, more than one million people displaced, 78 bridges destroyed, 30,000 homes damaged, the environmental disaster of 15,000 tons of oil spilled on 80 km of Mediterranean coast, and many more catastrophes. In footage not shown by the Western media, the film also exposes the devastation of 57 massacres in an attempt to capture the horror of its victims and their families. A Summer Not to Forget is an important and revealing chronicle of the brutalities of war and the plight of people as they deal with loss and destruction.