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Gazas Winter

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Directed by | Various

Genre documentary  |  Length: 38mins  |  Year of production: 2009

Gaza�s Winter is a collection of 12 short films made by filmmakers from around the world. Winter 2008: the bombardment of Gaza leaves some 1,417 Palestinians dead, over 10,000 homes destroyed and thousands severely and permanently injured. As these agonies unfolded, a group of filmmakers based in Ramallah met in an attempt to direct their outrage into a creative collective effort. Filmmakers within and beyond Palestine were invited to submit short works. The result was Gaza�s Winter, a diverse and often striking collection of global meditations on the war waged on Gaza that winter. The collection comprises work by the following directors: Islam al Burbar (Gaza), Tareq Elayyan (Gaza), Dima Hamdan (UK), Fahad Jabali (Iceland), Pilar Tavora (Spain), Salim Abu Jabal (Golan Heights), George Azar (Palestine/Jordan), Ismail Habbash (Ramallah), Mathieu Cauville (France), Khmais Hmaid (Tunis), Raed al Helou (Ramallah), and Omar Hamilton (UK).

To arrange a screening of Gaza's Winter, please contact producer Najwa Najjar: [email protected]