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Journey 110

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Directed by | Khaled Jarrar

Genre documentary  |  Length: 13mins  |  Year of production: 2009

In this short art piece, we see ordinary men and women placing plastic bags over their feet, pulling their clothing up to their knees, clutching their children to their chests, and setting off down a 110metre tunnel of sewage. This surreal and saddening sight is not staged. Jarrar�s short is shot in one of the few �routes� through which Palestinians try to enter Jerusalem from parts of the West Bank. Shot during the month of Ramadan in a sewage culvert beneath Beit Hanina (a Palestinian neighbourhood of Jerusalem divided by walls and checkpoints), Journey 110 is visually haunted by halfinvisible bodies wading through fetid darkness to reach a distant light at its end. Jarrar reflects on a resonance with the socalled �Journey of Light� associated with neardeath experiences: �The �Journey of Light� is often described as floating upwards peacefully through a long journey of intense darkness toward a narrow entrance in delivering light. It is also a well known leitmotif in film, deployed as a passageway to heaven or "to the other side" for dying or ghostly characters. In my film it is the passage through this 110 meters that distinguishes the ghosts from the angels.�