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Six Floors to Hell

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Directed by | Jonathan Ben Efrat

Genre documentary  |  Length: 52mins  |  Year of production: 2008

Out of the darkness beneath Tel Aviv, emerge human forms and ghostly voices. At Geha Junction, one of the busiest intersections in the Tel Aviv area, hundreds of Palestinians are living underground. Young and old, they slip into Israel to find work and bring a small wage home to their families under occupation. Their hiding place at night is in the underground car park of an abandoned, unfinished shopping mall, hidden from view despite its central location. They pass most nights of the week here, six floors below the ground. One of the mall's �residents� is Jalal who puts up with this hell in order to save money for his wedding while Nisrin, his fianc�, waits for him to finish building the roof for their new home in Salem, the West Bank. Under these subterranean and subhuman conditions, the men try to preserve their dignity: �In the dark�, says Jalal, �the only thing left is to think about is love.�