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Children of the Revolution

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Directed by | Shane O�Sullivan

Genre documentary  |  Length: 96mins  |  Year of production: 2010

Ulrike Meinhof (Baader Meinhof Group) and Fusako Shigenobu (Japanese Red Army) were the leading female revolutionaries of the early 1970s, emerging from the student revolutions of 1968 to lead attacks on the capitalist postWar generation holding power. Using archive footage and contemporary interviews, Children of the Revolution examines the legacy of these two women through the eyes of their children. On the run or abandoned when their mothers went underground, May Shigenobu and Bettina R�hl have emerged from difficult childhoods to lead their own extraordinary lives and offer unique perspectives on two generations of political militancy. What did these daughters of two radical seventies movements learn? How did their mothers� experiences affect their childhood or colour their views of political violence today? Shot in Tokyo, Beirut, Jordan and Germany, O�Sullivan�s fascinating film tells the stories of Meinhof and Shigenobu through the eyes of their daughters while artfully combining home movies, unseen archive foootage, and penetrating firsthand testimony.