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Directed by | Mike Hoolboom

Genre documentary  |  Length: 70mins  |  Year of production: 2012

A mind boggling achievement by Canadian artist and filmmaker Mike Hoolboom, who has been called �the greatest found footage master of the era�. Skilfully assembled from existing material, Hoolboom conjures visual allegories and cutup counternarratives around the notion of Palestine as �a land that is not a land�. Mining a wealth of material from TV news, documentary, fiction, and fantasy film, Lacan Palestine is a visual rollercoaster, with Hoolboom using cinema to suggest Palestine as a place of recurring colonial/psychological projection a space whose conquest is here spectacularly relived in celluloid waves of armed crusaders, legionnaires, Mongol horsemen, biplanes, and machine guns.

But as the film's title suggests, this is far more than mere collage. Layered, often deeply personal, and frequently challenging, the film intersperses its newsreels, desert fantasias, and historic encounters with oneiric ruminations on subjects from patricide to John Coltrane, and from the elusive nature of joy to what Hoolboom calls the �loveless love story� starring Moses, Abraham, and Jacques Lacan. Dizzying in its technical and conceptual density, Lacan Palestine is incomparable cinema.