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Last Days in Jerusalem

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Directed by | Tawfik Abu Wael

Genre fiction  |  Length: 85mins  |  Year of production: 2011

Director Tawfik Abu Wael won the 2004 Cannes International Critics Prize with his debut feature, Atash (Thirst), a work that prompted Sight & Sound to declare him �the most exciting Arab filmmaker to have emerged in more than a decade�. This greatly anticipated follow up tells the story of Nour and Iyad, a Palestinian couple living in East Jerusalem, preparing to move to Paris. He is a surgeon at the top of his game, she an actress from a well off Palestinian family. When news of an accident forces Iyad to return to work and delay their departure, Nour senses abandonment and begins to question their move as well as their marriage, gradually realising how attached she is to all that she is about to leave behind.

An intimate psychological drama, Last Days in Jerusalem tenderly depicts the couple�s wrenching final days, tearing themselves away from home, from the familiar, and even from each other.