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Lost Land

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Directed by | Pierre Yves Vandeweerd

Genre documentary  |  Length: 75mins  |  Year of production: 2011

Straddling a 2,400 kilometer wall constructed by the Moroccan army, the Western Sahara is today divided one zone held by Morocco, the other controlled by the Sahrawi National Liberation Movement�s Polisario Front. Drawing on stories of flight, exile, interminable waiting, and the arrested, persecuted lives on both sides of that wall, Vandeweerd�s (Drowning in Oblivion, 2007) aesthetically irresistable film bears witness to the Sahrawi people, their land, and their entrapment in other people�s dreams. Employing black and white Super 8 cinematography and a haunting audio design, Lost Land juxtaposes sonorous desert landscapes with stirring portraits to hint at a �nomadic poetics�.

This is elegant political filmmaking, described by critic Jacqueline Aubenas as a work that �speaks of the misfortune and injustice of a world� and at the same time �explores the very nature of cinema�.