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Man Without a Cell Phone

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Directed by | Sameh Zoabi

Genre fiction  |  Length: 78mins  |  Year of production: 2011

Twenty�something Palestinian Israeli slacker Jawdat wants to have fun with his friends, chat on his mobile and find love. Instead he navigates unconvincing dates and wrestles with his Hebrew college entrance exam. Meanwhile, his curmudgeonly olive�farming father, Salem, is determined to draw Jawdat and his whole community into struggle against an Israeli cell phone mast he believes is poisoning the villagers with radiation. Salem�s war against the antenna soon disrupts Jawdat�s own phone reception, jeopardising his dating prospects and setting father and son on a collision course.

Sameh Zoabi�s (Be Quiet, 2006) debut feature is a rare and rewarding film: a warm�hearted comedy that moves slyly between political satire and generational drama.