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Directed by | Nabil Ayouch

Genre documentary  |  Length: 85mins  |  Year of production: 2010

In 2000, Moroccan director Nabil Ayouch delivered a signal work of Arab social cinema with the multi award winning Ali Zoua: Prince of the Streets, a drama crafted with the street children of Casablanca and celebrated by the San Francisco Chronicle as �cinematic magic�. A decade on, Ayouch�s documentary My Land finds him adopting an equally radical approach to his subject: Palestinian refugees and the Jewish Israelis who live on their lands.

After recording testimonies (personal, historical, and political) from Palestinians in the camps of the region, Ayouch visits their homes in present day Israel, testing the attitudes of today�s inhabitants toward the land�s Palestinian past and owners. In a bold, at moments unsettling intervention Ayouch then stages a series of virtual encounters, exposing the current inhabitants to intimate video testimony from the refugees whose homes they now occupy... My Land is a searching and original work aimed at the very core of the Palestine/Israel conflict.