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The Problem (El Problema)

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Directed by | Jordi Ferrer & Pablo Vidal

Genre documentary  |  Length: 82mins  |  Year of production: 2010

Nearly five years in the making, this gripping doc lifts the lid on what has been termed �Africa�s last colony�. Known as The Spanish Sahara under colonization from 1885 to 1975, when Spain left the Western Sahara in 1975, Morocco began its occupation with the socalled �Green March�, recolonising the territory and disregarding UN calls for a referendum on self determination.

Morocco�s occupation, and the Saharawi people�s resistance to it, continues to this day. While the Polisaro Front heads the political and armed struggle from without, those living under occupation face draconian suppression of their cultural identity. As even uttering the name �Western Sahara� or the word �referendum� can incur terrible recriminations, most refer to the situation simply as �The Problem�.

This multi award winning doc casts urgent light on this forgotten colonial conflict, on the war being waged against the Saharawi nation�s political and cultural identity, and on the plight and courage of those who dare to resist.