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Dial H I S T O R Y

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Directed by | Johan Grimonprez

Genre documentary  |  Length: 68mins  |  Year of production: 1997

Buckle up for Dial H I S T O R Y! We meet the skyjackers who fought their revolutions and won airtime on the passenger planes of the 1960s. By the time of the 1990s, such characters were apparently no more, replaced on our TV screens by stories of state sponsored suitcase bombs. Director Johan Grimonprez investigates the politics behind this change, at the same time unwrapping our own complicity in the urge for ultimate disaster. Playing on Don DeLillo's riff in the novel MAO II: �what terrorists gain, novelists lose' and �home is a failed idea', he blends archive footage of hijackings with surreal and banal themes including fast food, pet statistics, disco and his quirky home movies.

�Exceptional for its juice, its jazzy, compelling fusion of social and aesthetic issues, and its stomachchurning power� The New York Times