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PFF resources | Index of films screened by the PFF
This database contains details about many of the films that the PFF has screened since it's inception.
(No) Laughing Matter

138 Pounds in My Pocket


2,000 Terrorists

25 Kilometres

25 Thousand Tents or More

33 Days


5 Minutes From Home

60 Units of Time

9 Star Hotel

A Boy, A Wall, and A Donkey

A Day in Palestine

A Grin Without a Cat

A Handful of Earth

A Journey

A Palestinian Mural

A Palestinian Woman

A Plate of Sardines

A Sketch of Manners

A Space Exodus

A Summer Not to Forget

A Wall is a Wall is a Wall�

Abu Jamil St.

Al Amari (After the Rain)

All That Remains

Amani (My Dream)

American Radical

Animation Collection

Apples of the Golan

Aqabat Jaber: Peace Without Return?

Arna's Children


Arthur Balfour and Me

'Arus el Jaleel (Bride of Galilee)

As the Poet Said


Back to One's Roots

Be Quiet

Bethlehem Bandolero

Beyond the Landscape

Bil'in Habibti (Bil'in My Love)


Blood of the Condor

British Colonial Film in Palestine

British Colonial Film in Palestine, 1917 to 1947

British Colonial Film in Palestine: 1917 to 1947

Channel Al Duwara

Chic Point

Children of the Revolution


Dial H I S T O R Y


Diary of a Male Whore

Dirty Pictures (Hotel Diaries 7)

Displaced Lives

Divine Intervention

Don't Touch My Holocaust

Dreams in the Eyes

Drying Up Palestine

Easy, Easy

Edward Said in Conversation, 1986

Edward Said: The Last Interview


Elvis of Nazareth

End of September


Everywhere was the Same


Far From Vietnam


First Lesson

First Picture

Fix Me

Flower Seller

Flying Paper

For Cultural Purposes Only

Ford Transit

Forget Baghdad

Free Running, Gaza

Friendship's Death


Gao Rang (Grilled Rice)

Gaza Hospital

Gaza Strip

Gaza: Another Kind of Tears

Gaza: Tunnels to Nowhere

Gaza�s Winter

Genet in Chatila

Girls and the Sea

Goal Dreams

God on Our Side

Going for a Ride

Good Morning Jerusalem

Hamoudi and Emil


Happy Days

Hard Ball

Hasan Everywhere


Home Movies Gaza


House Salad (Salata Baladi)

Hundred Faces for a Single Day

I Am Ghazza

I am in Jerusalem

Ici et Ailieurs(Here and Elsewhere)

If U Say Yes Or If U Say No


In Between

In Place: 4 Returnees from the Leba

In The Ninth Month

In the Spider's Web

In Working Progress


Inshallah Beijing

Intifada NYC

Intifada: Road to Freedom

Into The Belly Of The Whale

Introduction to end of an Argument

Israel Ltd.

Izkor: Slaves of Memory

Jaffa: The Orange�s Clockwork

Jawhar Al Silwan

Je Veux Voir (I Want to See)

Jean Wejnoon (Genies and Madness)

Jenin, Jenin

Jerusalem Calling

Jerusalem on the Messenger

Jerusalems: The Borderline Syndrome

John Berger Reads Ghassan Kanafani

Journey 110

Just Forbidden


Kings and Extras

La Terre Parle Arabe

Lacan Palestine

Laila's Birthday

Land Confiscation Order 06/24/T

Last Days in Jerusalem

Leila And The Wolves

Leila Khaled: Hijacker


Lesh Sabreen?

Ligne Verte (The Green Line)

Like Twenty Impossibles

L'Olivier (The Olive Farmer)

Lost Land


Make a Wish (Itmanna)

Man Without a Cell Phone



Masarat (Travels): Collection


Matzpen: AntiZionist Israelis

Measures of Distance

Meet Me Out of the Seige

Memory of the Cactus

Milky Way


My Father From Haifa

My Heart Beats Only for Her

My Land

My Land

My Name Is Ahlam

My Palestine

Naim and Wadee�a

Naji el Ali: An Artist With Vision

NAKBA: Palestine, 1948

Niether Here Nor There

No News

No Way Through

Not in My Garden

Notre Musique


Occupied Palestine

Of Flesh and Blood


Open Heart

Organised Chaos

Our Kuffiyyah in London

Out of Place � Memories of Edward

Out of Place Out of Time

Palestine Blues

Palestine in Fragments

Palestine in the South

Palestine Post 9/11

Palestine Remembered

Palestine, Summer 2006

Palestine: A People's Record


Paradise Now

Pasolini Pa* Palestine

Peek a Boo


Perforated Memory

Planet of the Arabs

Pomegranates and Myrrh

Port of Memory

Pressure Points


Private Investigation

Private Sun

Promised Lands




Rana's Wedding



Reel Bad Arabs

Resistance Recipes

Return to Haifa

Rico in the Night


Route 181: Fragments of a Journey

Sacred Stones

Salt of This Sea

Sand Creek Equation

Save and Burn



Sense of Need

Shadi in the Beautiful Well

Shadow of Absence


Since You Left

Six Floors to Hell

Smile! You Are in South Lebanon

Snow Tapes

Soraida: A Woman of Palestine

Soup Over Bethlehem (Mloukhieh)

State of Siege

Still Life

Stories From Behind The Wall

Stranger in My Home

Take Me Home

Targeted Citizen

Tears of Gaza


Terrace of the Sea



The Anabasis...

The Arson Continues

The Beautiful Language

The Choice

The Clothesline

The Colour of Olives

The Concrete Curtain

The Dream

The Dupes

The Fourth Room

The Gulf War... What Next?

The Iron Wall

The Kingdom of Women

The Kite That Caught a Mountain

The Last Friday

The Last Supper: Abu Dis

The Lobby

The Long Night

The Nakba Archive (Selections)

The Problem (El Problema)

The Qalandiya Report�

The Red Army / PFLP: Declaration of

The Red Stone

The Roof

The Secret World

The Seventh Dog

The Shooter

The Silent War: Israel�s Blockade o

The Sister and her Brother

The Specialist

The Stones Cry Out

The Time That Remains

The USA vs Al Arian

The View

The Well

The Zoo

There is Still Ka'ek on the Sidewal

They Came From the East

They Do Not Exist

This Is My Picture When I Was Dead

This Way Up

Thorns and Silk

Though I Know the River is Dry

Thyme Seller

Ticket From Azrael

To My Father

To Shoot an Elephant


Tunnel Trade

Untitled Part 3B

Videomappings: Aida, Palestine

Voices from Gaza


Waiting for P.O. Box

War Matador

We Began By Measuring Distance

We Like Life Tomorrow

Welcome to Hebron

Welcome to Inspection Point

Welcome to Shatila

West ... East

West Beruit

What Everybody Knows

What's Next?

When The Boys Return

White Oil

Wilders: The Movie

Women Beyond Borders

Women in Struggle

Women in the Stadium

Women's Testimonies of the Nakba

Writers on the Borders

X Mission

Yala to the Moon

Yani Intifada

Yasmine Tughani (Yasmine's Song)

Yellow Mums